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Devin Rice Productions | Video Services
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Video Services

Make Your Videos Matter

videos that communicate!

We make sure that every video we create tells a story that impinges on the audience it’s intended for.

Every video we make is built to do one thing: COMMUNICATE. We don’t create videos solely to impress or be flashy (though they do & are). Our intention is for every video to be effective. We tell stories that get what you need and want accomplished. Whatever type of video you’d like, we are equipped to produce it with our experienced production teams.


Whatever story you want to tell, we can tell it!


Your business, your product, your service, YOU are a story. Communication is what we specialize in and what better way than to communicate visually. What better way to communicate than through art — the pinnacle of communication. We do this through various styles of video, depending on your audience and their exact needs and wants.

Whiteboard Videos

There whiteboard videos can easily communicate any concept that you’d like to get across in your business. These videos are very engaging and very strong, as what you’re listening to is being drawn right in front of your eyes.

Animation / Typography Videos

These are fun, fast, flashy videos — mostly for your younger crowd. However, in the last video you’ll see a combination of live action images and animation that is nice and professional for your business needs.

Live Action Commercials / Infomercials

We shoot sales videos, commercials and infomercials for business. This is for your brick and mortar shop, celebrity personality or typical TV spot. We will go to your place of business and film your office, your product or service. For larger budgets we will shoot at one of our sets or on location, whatever you might need.

Staff Training Videos

These are VERY powerful videos that help businesses expand. Have you ever had problems with staff’s speed of learning, getting new hires up to speed or your people just not duplicating or performing as they should. We create videos that codify exactly what they need to be doing / should be doing and make them interesting so that your staff can learn quickly and get the job done fast and right, the first time.