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Grant Cardone

Grant Cardone

GRANT CARDONE is an International Sales Expert and author providing Motivation & Sales Training Programs to Fortune 500 companies, small businesses, success-minded individuals and entrepreneurs. Cardone is an internationally recognized motivational speaker and is a New York Times best selling author. He is regularly seen on Fox Business, NBC, MSNBC, and Business Insider. Cardone is the executive producer and star of “Turnaround King”, a TV program created around his motivating solution-oriented business coaching.

Devin Rice Productions created video content for Grant Cardone’s sales programs and online presence. In addition, we created a myriad of websites selling his products. We helped Grant go from a total of 300 Facebook and Twitter followers to nearly half a million. Today he has more than a million followers over his social media platforms.

Finally, we built an iPhone app for him called Close The Sale, to give sales professionals quick access to exactly what it takes to close the deal; sales closing techniques to close any type of buyer in any situation at any time.

See examples of all of this below.


Testimonial Promotion

We had people from all over the country send us testimonials and we edited them together.

Grant Rants

A web series that we helped create. We shot many of the episodes and the show is still running today.

Close The Sale App

Grant Carone’s sales app that we built. DOWNLOAD THE APP HERE

Website Examples

Marketing, Mobile Apps, Videos, Websites