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Devin Rice Productions | Why Video Is Important
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Why Video Is Important

11 May Why Video Is Important

Video is so incredibly important! It’s not just video for video’s sake. It’s how most of the world consumes media & information today. The amount of YouTube video views per day is staggering. FOUR BILLION!! Why? Video is entertainment, people LOVE to be entertained. It’s pleasure, it’s survival. Do you want to get your business’ basic idea across and want your customers to actively listen? Entertain them! It’s easy and it’s fun! So many videos out there are drab and boring. There are equally as many videos that are flashy but don’t say anything to the customer that they can take away or take ACTION upon. One thing you MUST, MUST, MUST do is communicate with your videos. If your videos don’t do that, why have them? You’ll be wasting your customer’s time and they won’t like it. When you see the results, neither will you.

Why is it that Superbowl commercials are revered so much? The commercials are interesting, fun, engaging. So think about that when you think about your business. Make a Super Bowl commercial; go big with your business! Ask yourself how you can make things fun, interesting, entertaining and engaging. Not just in video, but in all aspects of your business. It’s not only fun to create things that way, but it’s fun for customers to consume. Think about yourself and your own habits. When you go to a website or are introduced to a new concept, how do you like to see it? Put yourself in your customer’s shoes and you’ll immediately realize how vital great video is to your business.

— Devin

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