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Survey your public

11 May Survey your public

What draws you in to a site? What makes you spend more time on one site over another? I know that we like to think in complicated terms as entrepreneurs, but sometimes it’s very helpful to break things down into their basic simplicities. Why does anyone want to stay anywhere…? Because they like it, because it speaks to them, because they enjoy it. Exactly. However, that depends upon that person’s sensibilities, right? How would you find out from someone liked a website, liked a video, liked your business? Well, you’d simply ask them. Right? Of course! So…how many of your customers have you spoken with about your product or service?

It’s very often that we, as entrepreneurs, make changes to our websites, videos and make decisions without ever surveying it with our customers. It’s very important and VITAL to survey your public. You could be making so many changes that it could be off-putting to your customers, and you won’t even know it. If you don’t find out what they need and want, then how can you provide it for them? You can guess, you can imagine, but don’t you want to take all the guesswork out of your business? Before you begin working on your website and/or creating your product, find out from your potential customers what they would need, what they would want. Then you can take that information and use it in your promotion, build your website around that, provide video content that they need, etc. I know it sounds simple, and it is! But we never do it. Survey your public, it’s fundamental.

— Devin

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