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Devin Rice Productions is an award winning production company
and the motion picture division of visionary execution

As Visionary Execution we create realities and shepherd them. Applied to motion pictures that means that make and be in movies. This has been Devin’s passion since he was five. It wasn’t until the freedom of the digital age that this reality came to fruition. It was a bumpy start, like all businesses, but through it all we’ve learned a great deal and have become highly experienced and trained in the art of filmmaking in the 21st century by way of producing and acting in our own projects for years. We founded our company on the idea that we start with quantity and move on to quality. Learn as you go or you’ll never get started. Put it out there by any means necessary, get feedback, grow.

As a young company of just a few years we know that we’re just starting to reach our potential. We look forward to the coming years, producing more projects and teaming up with legends to make a real impact on planet Earth. As filmmakers we spend most of our time in the Science Fiction / Fantasy / Horror genres as those are the ones were imagination can most blossom. We don’t limit ourselves to genre, but these are the ones we find ourselves in most often. You’ll learn more about us below. If you’re want to hear more about our parent company Visionary Execution, where we expand beyond the filmmaking space into tech and even interview visionary legends: Visionary Execution site.

What we do?

Projects that push the boundaries of imagination

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Our projects are intense, but laced with comedy. They push the envelope in every aspect. No half gestures.

Who we are?

We are Devin Rice Productions

This is the dedicated team. We work day-in and day-out together to bring the planet
the most amazing projects for a digitally connected world.

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Devin Rice

Chief Creative Officer
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Jacqueline M. Corcos

Chief Operating Officer

A glimpse of the visionary works
we’ll be executing in coming days

Mass Hysteria

The Creators

Studio Martial Arts Proj.

Cause Play




The Shadow Track

The Three Futures

The People Vs.

A Social Revolution

Untitled Ghost Project

We tell love stories. The best part of motion pictures are relationships, and love is paramount.

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We don’t think of projects in terms of genre or medium. We focus on telling great stories and let the rest dictate itself.

Our Completed Projects

Coming in 2014. It’s a whole new world…

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