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we tell your story

Devin Rice Productions specializes in capturing your business’ needs and wants, translating them into websites and videos that wow and communicate exactly as intended.

Web & App Development

Having built websites and software for over a decade, we continue to evolve and develop effective mobile apps, websites and social media campaigns.

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Video Production

Polished animated videos. Informative whiteboard videos. Fun, engaging commercials, infomercials and sales videos. We create the right content for your business.

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Brand Building

We utilize our knowledge of business technology that we’ve used to help boom businesses 6x, to profits of millions of dollars. The same technology we’ve used to help create opinion leaders in their respective industries. We bring that to you.

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Creative Works

Through our creative banner Devin Rice Studios we have made feature films, web series, books (design and content), comic books, mobile games, etc. We love to follow our passions and luckily our passions can be extended from our own creatives works as well as within your business.

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featured work

We’ve been working with Credit Accelerator to create their video content, website design and functionality.

Credit Accelerator was software that was built to remove negative items and boost positive ones on consumer’s credit reports. They didn’t have design or a story. We wrote and produced their videos, created the design of the site, helped with the infomercial and now it’s the premier software for improving consumer’s credit.


our videos communicate your needs

Every video we make is built to do one thing: COMMUNICATE.  We don’t create videos solely to impress or be flashy (though they do & are). Our intention is for every video to be effective. We tell stories that get what you need and want accomplished. Whatever type of video you’d like, we are equipped to produce it with our experienced production teams.

Animation and Typography

Many customers like the fun and liveliness that Animation and Typography videos bring. We’ve done many of these for different industries and have set the tone of each video, using imagery and text that best fits the brand and what they wish to accomplish and communicate.

Whiteboard Drawings

By far the most popular videos requested by our clients right now. The ability to tell a story through whiteboards has proven to be very effective and useful in getting messages across on the internet today. We’d love to do one or several for your business. Our client’s customers love them.

Commercials and Infomercials

These are by far our favorite videos to produce and we’d love to have our production team come by your offices or travel to your location and create testimonial videos, sales videos, commercials, infomercials or our SPECIAL employee training videos for your business.


our latest works

What we’ve been up to lately!


We’re excited to do something similar (and even greater) for you!


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sites that are effective!

We consult with you to build sites for your exact business needs, optimized for desktops, tablets and mobile phones.

We keep up to date with the latest in technology and bring you the most cutting edge, modern and beautifully artistic websites. Not only do they look great, but they work! We find out exactly what your business needs the site for and design around that. Don’t have a site that just sites there. Have one that is used to achieve your business goals.


latest blog posts

We at Devin Rice Productions like to communicate, so ever so often we post blogs about various things of interest. Have a look!

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